Posted on: May 31, 2011 11:38 pm

Where We Stand (June 1st MLB Update)

It's been a while since i have written on cbssports. After an attempt to start an independent blog with a buddy of mine that included weekly podcasts, fell apart after a few months, i thought i would return to my roots. Cbssports has been my home for some time so i am making a comeback on here. So lets dive into what i love most in life, baseball!

 There have been many surprises already this season, but this is not uncommon. We can never truly predict what is going to happen but i can safely assume that even with the assumption that surprising things happen, none of us could have guessed the Indians hot start. Now the jury is still out on wether or not they can maintain this hot start but lets take a deeper look at this Indians team. Offensivley they had a couple of weapons that we knew about, Shin-Soo Choo has been a perenial 20-20 threat, Carlos Santana was expected to become a stud catcher and Asdrubal Cabrera had been a solid Shortstop. But there were way too many questions to think that their offense could be effective, would Grady Sizemore be able to return from injury, would Matt LaPorta become the player they traded for and who else would emerge as an offensive force? Well Sizemore has returned from Injury and been a pretty good offensive force, but has still faced injuries. The other questions really have not been answered, LaPorta has shown some flashes of talent but im not sure he will ever become the player he was expected to be and the Indians have weakspots all over the diamond. Pitching wise they have been carried by Justin Masterson and Josh Tomlin while they have suffered a dissapointing season from Fausta Carmona. The bullpen may be one of the strengths of this Cleveland team but across the board i still cant figure out how they are over .500 let alone boasting one of the best records in baseball. If they are still in the race at the deadline i would not be surprised to see them make some deals to stay in it.

The Indians are not the only headlines from this 2011 season, we have seen the Red Sox struggle mightly then make a complete turn around, the Cardinals somehow scrap together a division lead, Jose Bautista prove that he is not a one hit wonder and the Arizona Diamondbacks take a page out of the Indians book. This has been an exciting baseball season, and while my team (Chicago Cubs) have stunk it up thus far I have payed close attention because im not only a Cubs fan im a baseball fan as well. This is only a brief blog post because i dont have a lot of time tonight, but i will be writing a lot more on here now that i have given up on my other blog.

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Posted on: December 8, 2009 3:48 pm

MLB Trade Updates

If you have been keeping up with this weeks winter meetings you should have heard about the blockbuster trade of the meetings that has occured. The Yankees aquire Curtis Granderson, the Diamondbacks get Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy, and the Tigers get Max Scherzer, Austin Jackson and prospects (I think the D-Backs got some prospects to). The Yankees probably win this trade just because they were in the best shape and improved a minor hole that they had. The Tigers also got a really good deal in my mind, i have always been a fan of Max Scherzer he has great strikout potential and could fit in solidly at number 2. Austin Jackson looks to be a good center field option, but he is a prospect and will have to prove his worth (but the Yankees thought very highly of him). I think the worst part of the deal for Tigers is that they lost such a great clubhouse presense and has such great offensive and deffensive skills. The Diamondbacks seem like they got the short end of the stick, Edwin Jackson has bounced around a lot which can mean questiable character, he wont be under team control as long as Scherzer. He is streaky but when he's on he can be as good if not better than Scherzer. Ian Kennedy can fill that 5th rotation spot or help in the bullpen, but i have never been to crazy on Kennedy just based on what ive seen of him. This trade was a good way to get the winter meetings moving, there had been a lot of talk and finally we got a big trade to talk about. The thing that makes me interested about this trade is what is going to happen to Melky Cabrera. I've heard he could be packaged in a deal for Halladay, or the Cubs may be able to go after him. Im not sure who the Cubs send over there for Cabrera, but that could be extremley benifital to the Cubs. They are in dire need of a Center fielder and he is cheap and young. That is the most important thing the Cubs need to focus on as they move forward, bringing in young players who you can keep around for a while. But as i said before i think the Yankees won this trade with the Tigers gettign a good return and the diamondbacks lossed a little bit.
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Cubs trade rumors

Well the were nearing the end of baseball season, and the hot stove has started to heat up. The big trade discussion for the Cubs is where will Milton Bradley go and what will we get in return. I have heard many possible destinations including Tampa Bay, San Diego, Texas, and Toronto. The big rumor a few weeks ago was a Bradley for Burrell deal with the Cubs still eating a significant amount of salary. I am not a huge Pat Burrell fan but i would perfer just about anybody over Bradley. The latest rumor which was recently denied by Cubs officials was a Bradley for Vernon Wells trade. Now thats an interesting one, i want to take a closer look at that one. One source had confirmed that this rumor had some legs but as i said it was later denied that the Cubs had looked at Wells. But the rumor was that the Cubs and Blue Jays would split the contracts and each eat $43 million. So the Cubs would eat more money and take on a longer term contract for a player who put up similar numbers. But if you take a look its not a bad trade. Lets analyize these 2 players and see which team has the edge.

Milton Bradley- Over his 9 year career he has shown to be injury prone, accumulating over 500 AB in only 1 season. He has a career .277/.371/.450 stat line, which isnt bad he hits for decent contact and is a very patient hitter although that was his undoing this season. He had some speed early in his career but knee injuries go rid of that, and he has become an average to below average fielder. From what i watched of him this past season he would try sometimes but he made a lot of mental errors (throwing a ball in the stands with only 2 outs, losing balls in the sun etc...). But he did post career numbers in 2008 with hitting coach Rudy Jaramillo (read previous blog post to hear praise of Jaramillo) and posted a .321/.436/.563 stat line. So it makes you wonder should the Cubs try to work out their differences with Bradley. But he openly insulted the entire Cubs fan base, he got into physical arguments with Pinella and even other players said he was a distraction. But if you look at his statistical value based on Fan Graphs dollar value system he was worth $5.1 mill last season, but he earned $9 mill. So he did not earn his paycheck last season but could he next season? What is he worth for a trade? Those are all questions that we will find out over the next few months.

Vernon Wells- Over his 9 year career he has shown that he is the opposite of Bradley when it comes to health, in the past 8 years he has only accumulated less than 500 AB once and had accumulated over 600 AB 5 times in that 8 year span. Over his career he has put up a .280/.329/.470 stat line, he isnt as patient as Bradley but he has more pop and hits for simlar contact. He still has some speed, swiping 17 bags last season. but has proved to be a liability in the outfield the past 2 years. He does play CF though which is a position the Cubs are looking to improve. He struggled last season hitting his 2nd lowest batting average of his career (.260). According to Fan Graphs he was woth negative dollars last season, mostly due to his fielding, and over the past 3 years the most he has been worth is $5.5 mill. But it seems that if the Blue Jays want to move on from what is now considered a bad contract this could be a possibly good move. It would let them free up some money, and they would get a player who could potentialy hit over .300 and 20 HR. For the Cubs, he could be moved to RF to help his defense and if he works with new hitting Coach Rudy Jaramillo, plus the general boost that AL hitters get coming to the NL (excluding Milton Bradley) he could be an excelent addition. He would provide another middle of the order hitter to go with Lee, Ramirez, and Soriano. I would love to see a lineup that went

1. Fuld/Fukudome
2. Theriot
3. Lee
4. Ramirez
5. Soriano
6. Wells
7. Soto
8. Baker
9. Pitcher

The only problem is that the whole reason the Cubs signed Bradley was to add a left handed hitter to the middle of the order to provide a balanced attack. Wells is a righty and would then cause the lineup to be 7-1 righty. So basicaly if Hendry makes this trade it defeats the whole purpose of why we got him in the first place. But Wells has a better history (3 gold gloves, 1 silver slugger, not many injuries) but he is more expensive, and has a longer contract.

Decision- Undecided

I would take this trade and hope Wells plays better, i think he would offensivly but our outfield defense is shakey enough without adding Wells. If we moved him to right that could work. But this would be one of those signature trades for a GM, it can make our break you reputation. If we trade Bradley and then he does amazing the next season it makes Hendry seem impatient. And if Wells dosnt perform your stuck with another Soriano situation. But if Wells plays well and Bradley stays the same it seems like a steal. If i am Hendry i sit on this one to see if there arnt any less risky trades, although with Bradley's performance and attitude almost all the trade offers will have risk. But i think if you really need to get rid of Bradley and this is the best offer you take it. Im just not 100% sure Bradley has to go. I kind of want to see him here for 1 more year then if its bad trade him, because with one year left on his contract he would seem less of a risk and more teams would want him. At the end of discussing this im not sure what i wold do with Bradley, thats why im a fan and Hendry is GM.
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