Posted on: January 7, 2011 2:09 pm

Complete NFL Playoff Predictions

Im my site Sports Talk with Chris and Kevin we have made our complete NFL Playoff Predictions going up to the Super Bowl. If you are interested you should check it out!

Here's the link  http://sportstalkwithchrisandkevin.

Posted on: October 12, 2009 8:39 pm

Whats next for my blog

Now that the Cubs season is over and post-season baseball is underway. There isnt a lot to talk about for the Cubs. There are not a ton of trade rumors and that's not exactly what i want to talk about. Although i am a Cubs fan i am a true baseball fan and do enjoy watching games in general. I am a stat junkie and love to come up with predictions. So from now until the start of next season i will post my analysis of teams. Which will include where they stand as of now, what they need to improve on, and my suggestions. I will also post trade or free agent signing alalysis on here as well. So if you are already waiting for next years baseball season, you should check in on this blog for info and post comments or questions if you have any.

My next post will be an analysis of the Cincinnati Reds so look out for that.
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Posted on: September 9, 2009 8:21 pm

Finishing out the season strong

Well as you probably could have guessed i have given up my dreams of post season glory and resigned to the hope of a strong finish. All i want are some positive signs for next year. The recent sweep of the Pirates is nice but we need to continue the trend, that has been the main problem this year, consistency. Jeff Baker has looked great since joining the Cubs and especially this month, and road trip. So hopefully that is a sign that he can be the starting 2nd baseman next year as the Mike Fontenot expirement failed. Lee has gotten his power stroke back, Harden proved that he can be moderatly healthy 2 years in a row now (140+ Inn), Hoffpauir is looking decent again, and Marmol is thriving in the closers role. There have been many other positve signs and hopefully this season will show Jim Hendry not to F### with team chemistry again. And i know i beat the horse to death on this but we need to dump some salary and build up our young talent. Here is my hopefull roster projections for next year.

C- Soto
1B- Lee
    - Hoffpauir
2B- Baker
    - Fontenot
SS- Theriot
    - Blanco
3B- Ramirez
    - Fox
LF- Soriano ( I would like to get somebody else here but i dont know how we can with his contract and poor performance this year.)
   - Fox
CF- Fukudome
    - Johnson
RF- Fox( Bradley will be gone, and they need to teach Jake how to play here because he can hit no matter what)
    - Hoffpauir


1. Zambrano ( or someone else, i think we need to get rid of him)
2. Lilly
3. Harden
4. Wells
5. Dempster


CL- Marmol ( I think he finally is ready for the role based on his performance down the stretch)
SU- Grabow
SU- Guzman
MR- Marshall
MR- Stevens
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