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Sports Talk With Chris and Kevin 2-1-11

I havent reallly written that much on cbssports in a while and that is mostly due to another blog that i have been working on with a buddy of mine. We have done a couple of podcasts as well and are really begining to ramp things up. So i thought i would send you a link were you can read my on going MLB Preseason Power Rankings post where i am up to the #20 team. Also our latest Podcast we discussed the Super Bowl, recapped the NFL Playoffs, discussed the Rays moves and why they are a succesfull franchise, the ups and downs of the Spurs, Heat and Bulls and how Tiger Woods has fallen to the #3 golfer in the world. If any of these topics interest you or you are just a big sports fan you should check out our site. And if you have an opinion about something we discuss please share it with us and we would love to talk about it on our podcasts.

Here is the link to our site, enjoy!!


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Complete NFL Playoff Predictions

Im my site Sports Talk with Chris and Kevin we have made our complete NFL Playoff Predictions going up to the Super Bowl. If you are interested you should check it out!

Here's the link  http://sportstalkwithchrisandkevin.

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New Blog

Hey everybody i just wanted to let you know that along with this blog on cbssports a friend and i have started a blog on blogger that will feature a bi-weekly sports podcast show. The podcasts wont start until after thanksgiving break but i hope you will check out the new blog. The address is below, and dont worry i will still blog on here as frequently as i can.

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So Many SPORTS!!!!!

Now we are entering one of my favorite times of the sports year! When multiple sports schedules collide for my daily viewing pleasure and hourly updates on baseball trade rumors. It can be a bit overwhelming but i love it. I just wanted to make some predictions and analyze a few things going on in different sports. First lets start with the sports that are currently going on.

College Football - With an utterly boring NFL season going on i turned to the the NCAA for my football entertainment. Little did i expect that my Michigan State Spartans would have been a championship contender a few short weeks ago, and although that slipped away a Rose Bowl appearance is a very realistic posibility. Im not sure they will win because they really havnt played an elite program this year. But it will be their first Rose Bowl bid since the 80's so im pretty psyched. Hopefully we'll get to see an Oregon v.s TCU championship as well. I am really rooting for these non-BCS schools to get in (although isnt everybody). I dont want to go down the road about why NCAA football needs a playoff system but they do. Im just glad to see Michigan State becoming an elite football program at the same time their Basketball team is, which brings me to my next topic.
College Basketball - We are only what, a week away? I can not wait, yet another sport where my teams are doing well. It's nice to have some success after watching such a dismall MLB season(Cubs) and NFL season(Cowboys). I was a bit worried earlier in the year with the talk of Tom Izzo leaving for the Cavaliers. But luckly Lebron took his talents to south beach and Izzo kept his in East Lansing. Which was probably the smart move, i really feel that the college game can bring a coach more prestige and recognition than the NBA. But the biggest thing is that Izzo has a pretty sweet deal, everybody loves him, he has excellent job security and he has built a great program that should last for a while. I am very excitited to see this years team play because i think it could be the best one yet. They have a bevy of scorers starting with last years tournament star Durrell Summers, the dude is a freak athlete who can do some crazy dunks but is also a pretty good shooter. If he can stay consistently good (which is what he struggled with last year) he can carry this team. Kalin Lucas is back from a ruptured achilles tendon and when he is healthy he is a dynamic player maker who can score in a matter of seconds. The frontcourt is led by fowards Draymond Green and Delvon Roe, Green being the team leader and Roe being the freak athlete who needs to breakout this year. Derrick Nix looks to be the starting center although freshamn Adriene Payne may take over, he has a ton of potetial and is already looking to be a dominant defensive presense in the paint. But this team is also very deep with junior Guard Korie Lucious and Freshman guard Keith Appling looking to steal time from Kalin Lucas and see who will take over next year. This will be another great rebounding and pace controlling team but they also have a lot more firepower than ever before and 3 five star recruits which is probably the most talented roster Izzo has ever had. All of this will probably lead to a third straight final four appearance and possibly a championship.
NBA- Now i am not a huge NBA fan but have followed the Bulls my whole life because being from Chicago and living through the Michael Jordan era how can you not. But over the past few years i have slowly gotten more and more into the NBA and now have become a daily watcher. I find it a little to flashy for my taste (I love Big 10 Basketball Tom Izzo style) but it is a lot of fun to watch. And i am glad that finally the Bulls are starting to make some smart personell decisions. I hated the trades and signings of players such as Ben Wallace, Drew Gooden and Larry Hughes. They didnt make a lot of sense to me but watching them build this years roster i have been very impressed. Obviously it is centered around Derrick Rose, but they have put together some very nice pieces. They have the low post options in Carlos Boozer and the emerging Taj Gibson. The rebounder and defensive presense in Joakim Noah, the shooter in Kyle Korver. A defensive guard in Ronnie Brewer, a scoring PG in CJ Watson. These are just a few of the pieces that the Bulls have put on this roster. I am in no way saying this is a championship team but i think it is a contender. They have a bevy of players with very diferent skill sets, which is the difference between them and the Heat. The Heat have 2 players who have a similar game in Lebron Jame and Dwyane Wade, a low post scorer in Chris Bosh and a bunch of washed up veterans (excluding Mario Chalmers). Im not saying the Heat wont be the number one team come playoff time but i feel that the Bulls could make a push in the playoffs if they get the chance.
NHL- By now if you have read everything ive written you can guess im a Chicago sports fan, so i bet you can guess what my hockey team is. Yep you guessed it the Blackhawks. And no i am not a bandwagon fan i have been a fan for a very long time. My excitment for them has grown over the past few years but i have always like them. Now i have been somewhat dissapointed in them thus far this year. They have shown thier talent but it has been eratic, and i dont like Corey Crawford they need to start Marty Turco as much as possible at goalie. They have shown they have the offensive firepower to compete every night its the goaltending that has been the problem. Kane and Towes are starting to heat up and Sharp has been dominant. Marian Hossa had been on fire before getting injured. This is a good team but they need to be more consistent if they want to repeat.
MLB- Im just about done i just wanted to mention that this is probably my favorite part of baseball when teams start building for next year. I love hearing people debate what players their team is going to sign or trade for. Obviously the Yankees are going to get Cliff Lee since any good player has to play for them because its the Yankees divine right to all talented players right? I hate the Yankees attitude that they are entitled to the leagues best players just because they can buy anybody out. But it really is an exciting time for baseball as we see our teams start to take shape for the next year. I hope the Cubs do NOT sign Adam Dunn. I lived and still live in Cincinnati and i saw Adam Dunn play here for a while and i do not want him to be striking out 200 times in a Cubs uniform. They need to get a stop gap player and attempt to get Adrain Gonzalez anyway they can. I would recommend Adam LaRoche on one of his perenial one year deals. Then if they can attempt to aquire Adrian at the deadline and swing a deal to get rid of LaRoche. It is definitly better than 4 years of Adam Dunn. Now i am very noticebly excluding the NFL from this discussion because i do not want to discuss the Cowboys i am embarrased.

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NFL Playoffs- Divisional Round

Well, typically i just post on baseball affiars, but i am a football fan also and have posted about it before. I just wanted to give out my thoughts about the divisional games today and tommorow.

Arizona Cardinals @ New Orleans Saints-

I think right now the trendy pick is to go with the Cardinals, because they made such a great playoff run last year, and they have such a dynamic passing game. But there defense has many flaws, it looked like it was playing well in the first half of the Packers game. But they let the Packers back into the game to puch they game into overtime. But they did come up big in overtime. The Saints on the other hand have had time to rest and prepare for this game. They limped into the playoffs and they need to prove to everyone that they are not going to be like the 07' Cowboys and come up lame in their divisional round homegame. The Saints have a better deffense than the Cardinals in my opinion, but the Cardinals beat a better defensive team last week. This will be another shoot out of epic proportions with Brees v.s Warner, these teams are very similar and it should be another great matchup.

My Prediction- Arizona Cardinals, This one is up in the air like the other NFC divisonal game but i'll go with the trendy pick.

Baltimore Ravens @ Indianapolis Colts-

This is an interesting matchup, and it should be a decent game. The Ravens have a great running game with Ray Rice and Willis McGahee, and Joe Flacco is a decent QB, better than anybody else they've had. I dont think their defense is anywhere near as good as it once was, although Ray Lewis and Ed Reed still make plays. But the Colts have Peyton Manning, who just won his fourth MVP award. He may be the best Quarterback in the history of the NFL. I know that the rest of the team is crap without him, but he is at the point in his career where he can beat any team virtually by himself.

My Prediction- Indianapolis Colts, this will be a good game but Peyton Manning will win it for them.

Dallas Cowboys @ Minnesota Vikings-

Well obviously i am a Cowboys fan so i know my team pretty well. They are the hottest team in the NFL right now but they will have a tough challenge against the Vikings this may be the best game of the weekend. Tony Romo v.s Brett Favre, Adrian Petterson v.s Barber, Jones, and Choice, Jared Allen v.s DeMarcus Ware. The Vikings will have an extreme home field advantage at the metrodome. This game should come down to the wire, and their are some scary matchups for the Cowboys, Terence Newman on Percy Harvin and Mike Jenkins on Sidney Rice. Jenkins and Rice will be a good matchup, but Harvin and Newman is what scares me as a Cowboys fan. Newman is a fast guy, but he has given up some big plays this year, but the secondary has been tremendous the last few weeks so i'll hope they continue their success.

My Prediction- Dallas Cowboys- I have to pick my Boys, although this is the pick i have the least confidence in, the Vikings could just as easily win this game as the Cowboys could.

New York Jets @ San Diego Chargers-

I really dont think this will be that good of a game. The Chargers really have a great passing attack, Revis will have his work cut out for him this week covering Vincent Jackson. I am very high on Jackson based on what i saw out of him when they played the Chargers. He is a big strong reciever who i think is somewhat underrated. I just think that if the Chargers can turn this game into a shootout they could blow the Jets out. Mark Sanchez will not be able to keep pace with Philip Rivers gets going, the Jets do have some good offensive schemes. But if they want to stay in this game their defense is going to half to play great. The Jets got lucky to get into the playoffs and got an easy matchup against a weak, and injury plagued Bengals team.

My Prediction- San Diego Chargers, The Chargers are to talented, and the Jets are not talented enough to keep up with the Chargers.
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Whats wrong with us sports fans?

I was sitting watching football today, and as it usually is in december the Cowboys were losing. And throughout the entire game i continued to get text making fun of the Cowboys, filled with personal insults and profanity. It got me to thinking, is the only reason i watch sports to either brag to my friends about my team winning, or making fun of their team losing. I mean think about it, whenever your team wins a game what do you say to your friends who are fans of a different team. I know what i do, i come to school all decked out in my Cowboys gear, smack talking everybody, thats just the way our society has become. Dont get me wrong i love the team, and the tradition. But i think we as fans have gotten away from what being a fan really is. It's not just a way to vent our pent up aggresion, its about enjoying a sport you love, and supporting your favorite teams. I know that i am as guilty as anybody when it comes to being an angry fan and making fun of other peoples teams. I have put a lot of holes in the wall just for watching my team lose. And when i think about it, it just makes me angry at mayself and for what has happened to pro sports. And im sorry if you dont agree with me, but i just had to vent a little bit because im just really sick of people making sports personal. It's especially sad when someones trash talking a team that is arguably the greates NFL franchise ever and their team is the Cincinnati Bengals. I mean come on, at least if your going to make fun of a team, your team should at least have won a super bowl. (Sorry for the crack bengals fans, there okay). Anyways i just want people to realize that sports are more than trash talk and yelling.
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Football Talk

Im sure that if any of you have read my blog before that i am a baseball enthusiast. But you may also like to know that i do know a little about football. Being a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and living everywhere besides Dallas in my life has presented me with some challanges before. But i being a Cubs fan i know how to handle these issues. Anyways i wanted to do a post about this football season thus far and preview the upcoming Cowboys @ Packers game.

The coolest thing to see in a football season is how hyped up fans get in a city where there team is competetive and in the playoff race. Living near Cincinnati i get to see Bengal fever everywhere, theres a lot of "Who Dey" cheering and talking about Chad Ochocinco. Cincinnati is a fun football city, and i think everyone has been suprised at how well they've played thus far, and you have to give Pete Prisco some props because he totaly called that one ( I know i laughed when i first saw it). But the Bengals are for real, Cedric Benson has been a beast, when you rush over a 100 yards on the Ravens twice in a season that is impressive. Carson Palmer is always a legitamate QB, he is a great leader and winner and has all the physical tools of a good QB. Then you have the imfamous Chad Ochocinco, he may talk a lot but he has been showing what he can do week in and week out on the field. And the Bengals defense has been outstanding, i think when i looked at them this season this was the only part of the team i knew would be good for sure. They have two lockdown corners in Hall and Joseph, a solid linebacking core and are really dominating opponents. They now sit atop their divison at 6-2 and are coming up to their most important game thus far in the season at Pittsburgh. If they win it they will gain a bigger lead in the divison and will have beat the Steelers both times this season, if they lose they will fall to second place. I will be very interested to see how it plays out, because i think the Steelers are a much better team now than that last time they played.

Now when we start talking about the Boys (Dallas Cowboys) the first thing i want to say is how about Miles Austin. He has accumulated 612 yards and 7 tds on only 27 receptions. He is really responsible for the Cowboys turn around this season. He gives the Cowboys that instant offense threat. Lets take the Eagles game for example, the games tied at 13 each and with one catch Austin goes 49 yards for a TD to give the Cowboys the lead and the eventual win. Roy Williams is starting to get in a rythm with Romo and hopefully he can continue to get better to give the Cowboys another awesome option to throw to. Witten hasnt put up the same numbers from last season but he is again the most reliable reciever on the team. He continues to make key 3rd down conversions and is the saftey valve for Romo, if no one else is open it goes to Witten. With all of those receiving options the Cowboys also have an awesome 3 back system that is working great. As you might have seen Tashard Choice is becoming the Wild Cat option, but in my opinion he is really emerging into the Cowboys best option. He is the most consistent of their backs, Felix Jones is the "Home Run" threat, he has tremendous speed and can break games open with big runs. And of course everyone knows Marion Barber, the physical runner, he is still the used the best in the 4th quarter where he can run over the tired defenses. The biggest improvment for the Boys aside from Miles Austin is the defense. They have really stepped it up. They have always been a pressure defense with guys like DeMarcus Ware, and Jay Ratliff but now the secondary is really starting to play to their potential. Mike Jenkins got his 3rd pick of the season on Sunday and a lot of analysts are raving about him, and with Terrence Newman on the other side they are becoming a hard team to pass on. And the 3rd reason why the Cowboys have improved is the maturation of Tony Romo, he is protecting the ball a lot better. He has a 9-1 TD-INT ratio during the Cowboys 4 game win streak. He isnt fumbling or getting picked off. All of these factors are making the Cowboys a force to be reckoned with.

I really like the match up this weak against the Packers, the Cowboys beat them last year and i think it will be a similarly good game for the Boys. The Packers main struggle this season has been protecting Aaron Rodgers, their O-Line has allowed a league high 37 sacks thus far this season. Basicaly we're looking at a bad O=Line going against one of the better pass rushes in the league. Im guessing Rodgers gets sacked at least 4 times. Now Rodgers is a great QB but the O-Line really hurts the Packers. Also their defense realy hasnt caused the amount of presure the thought it would. The game should be close the 1st half but i think the Boys can put it away late in the 3rd quarter. The Boys are hot, and they have a balanced offensive attack, the Packers are cold (lost to the Buccanears last week) and like i said they can't protect the QB, and eventualy Rodgers is going to get hurt.

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