Posted on: October 11, 2010 5:48 pm

MSU Football is back

While Michigan State has become a basketball powerhouse since Tom Izzo took over in 1995. MSU football can be described as eratic at best, it seems that Mark Dantonio may be building a foundation for long term success. This 2010 team is one that is filled with potential pro prospects, but also expierence enough to come together and win close games. It seemed in the early years of Dantonio's career at MSU they would lose a lot of close games and get blown out by the tougher foes. Now that the talent he has recruited has finally matured we should be able to see some sustained success. I would not be afraid to pick MSU to go undefeated this season and even win a share of the Big 10 trophey. This is a team that should play in a january bowl game and finally win one. Lets take a deeper look into this Michigan State team and their remaining schedule. On the offensive side of the ball they have one of the top rushing attacks in all of college football led by a trio of youngsters. Edwin Baker(Sophmore) is the leading rusher who provides excellent burst and tends to make big plays. Le'veon Bell(Freshman) is the guy who can pound the ball but he also has excellent speed and has gotten some big runs as well, and Larry Caper(Sophmore) is slowly getting back into the game after some early season injuries but showed flashes of talent his freshman year. The Passing attack is led by Junior QB Kirk Cousins, he has shown great poise and decision making. He hasnt turned the ball over much (4 INT) and has proved he can lead game winning drives. Michigan State has a nice group of recievers led by senior Mark Dell and junior BJ Cunningham both are solid 6-2 receivers, Keshawn Martin provides the speed threat and is a master return man and former QB Keith Nichol rounds out the wideouts. MSU also has a stellar pair of tight ends in Charlie Gantt and Brian Linthicum both whom i have heard to be considered pro prospects. The O-line has proved to be an excellent run blocking team but still needs to improve its pass blocking. The Defense is led by their stellar group of linebackers specificaly All-American senior Greg Jones who is a possible first round draft pick. He is paired with stand out linebacker Eric Gordon and Jon Misch and Chris Norman. The D-Line has also been good led by DT Jerel Worthy. The main concern coming into the season for the Spartans defense was their pass defense. But those concerns while still there have been lessened as they have all ready passed their season total in interceptions last year (6) by 3. Chris L. Rucker has been outstanding this season and continues to lock up opposing recievers. As for the special teams as i previously stated Keshawn Martin has look Devin Hester esque providing big plays when needed. Aaron Bates has continued to be an excellent punter and yet again the Spartans have found another great kicker to replace Brett Swenson in Dan Conroy. This is an all around good team but if i had to pick a weakness it would still be their pass defense. But this team has been tested by some good offenses all ready this season and it has held. The Spartans have already beat 2 ranked opponents in Wisconson and Michigan and only one remains on the schedule (Iowa). Looking at the rest of the season as long as they dont lapse they could win their next to games (Illinois, at Northwestern). The biggest challenge will come after that when they play at Iowa then they have another 2 "easier" games (Minnesota, Purdue). Then they conclude the season at Penn State. I feel that this is a team that can win the easy games and win the tough ones but im still nervous (ive been traumatized by the Dallas Cowboys). I personally think they will go 12-0 i really feel they can beat both Iowa and Penn State. I would love to see them go to the Rose Bowl this year and win it. But even with my uncharacteristic optomism im feeling i still have that gut feeling they will let me down. But i am definatly excited to see the football program catching up to the basketball program finally. It seems like its going to be a good time to be an MSU fan.

Posted on: March 23, 2010 5:20 pm

The Future of Michigan State Basketball

While MSU is still in the tournament i thought we could take a peak at next years team. The Spartans should continue their dominance in the Big-10 with the 6th best recruiting class in the country along with a stellar group of remaining players. Lets take a look by position.

PG- My guess is that one way or another Kalin Lucas will not play for us next year although it remains a possibility. The options without him are Korie Lucious, a small but very athletic gaurd who has shown he can hit clutch shots. He is the most expierenced option as he will be entering his junior year. The other major option will be incoming 4 star recruit Keith Appling, rated in the top 40 recruits in the country he has plenty of talent. He is bigger than the Kalin was and is more of a perimeter scorer. Either one of these guys could start at the point but i would go with Lucious because of his expierence.

SG- Durrell Summers seems to have this job secured, he's a good shooter who has shot great from the 3-point line in the tournament this year. He is very athletic and can make ridiculous plays, but he is prone to cold stretches and can be inconsistent. Chris Allen is a solid backup and another good 3-point shooter, both him and Summers will be seniors.

SF- Delvon Roe will have to replace Raymar Morgan, and they are very similar players. Delvon may be the most athletic player on the team with the ability to make eye popping dunks and blocks. His big problem is injuries, specificaly his knees. Once again he will have to undergoe off-season surgery. An imcoming freshman Russell Byrd should provide some backup for Delvon. Byrd is not an athletic player but an excellent catch and shoot player who may be able to provide some 3-point help.

PF- Draymond Green will likely start here next season, while he may be somewhat undersized he is a leader on the floor. He can dominate the boards and make excellent passes and will rack up assists. Draymond may be the most valuable player to this team and he is only entering his junior year. Freshman Alex Gauna should provide some back up with the reserves centers also getting some playing time here also.

C- 5-Star recruit Freshman Adreian Payne will likely start here, ranked in the top 20 nationaly he looks to be a great talent. While his scoring may not be great next season he will help continue the Sparty tradition of dominate rebounding teams, he is also an excellent shot blocker and defensive player. He can take cames over at times, but also disappear. Derrick Nix has a shot at starting also, former Michigan Mr. Basketball had a decent Freshman year albeit with limited playing time, he is another big body who can dominate the boards. Garrick Sherman will most likley be the 3rd string center.

This Spartan team has some expierence along with some highly touted freshman who should could easily make a deep tournament run.
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