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Posted on: June 8, 2009 9:40 pm

Cubs take series with Reds

I was very happy at the end of the 14th inning of the rubber game of the Cubs v.s Reds series. Soriano came through in a clutch situation and the bullpen was great in extras, although Marmol and Heilman struggled and Wells was robbed of a win again. I think the key is to not use heilman at all he probably should be designated for assignment. I know i came on here a few days ago and hated on gregg but he does have the mentality of a closer, but he dosnt have amazing stuff. I liked what i saw from Waddel, Ascanio, Patton, and of course Guzman who has been our best reliver as of late. He has filled the middle relief role but we might want to switch his and marmols roles. Marmols has electric stuff but horrible control, he obviously has no clue were the ball is going. Until he can fix his control he should be used in middle relief and Guzman should be setup. The Cubs have the relievers to do the job they just have to use the right ones. Stay away from Heilman.

Posted on: June 3, 2009 10:38 pm

Cubs win in extras

Good to see the Cubs pull this one off. Lilly turned in another solid performance, he is really showing that he is the most consistent starter on this team. The bullpen hung on in extras to secure the win, and Gregg didnt look half bad. Another side note Derek Lee (my favorite player) went 2-3 with a walk to raise his average to .262. He has started to pick it up recently but you had to believe he would he has been a very consistent player over his career. See ya tommorow.
Posted on: June 2, 2009 9:56 pm

Kevin "Heart Attack" Gregg

Well Randy lost another win this time it wasnt due to the offense but our god awful bullpen. Kevin Gregg throws a wild pitch strikeout to get a man on first then gives up a homerun to Jeff Francouer. Every time that man gets out on the mound i about die, he needs at least a 5 run lead to hold a game. This is proving to have been one of the worst offseasons for the Cubs in recent years. Had Mark DeRosa stayed he would have been able to provide a solid run producer at third filling in for Ramirez, Wood i think is still better than Gregg even though he has had his struggles this year. Milton Bradley has been almost completley worthless, and so has Aaron Heilman. I had been sceptical before but now after watching the season pan out i have learned a less, never mess with a good thing. Just because the Cubs flopped in the playoffs did not meen they needed to be retooled, the managment has made some huge mistakes this year and now they need to make some trades to solidify the Bullpen and i dont want Bradley, Gregg, or Heilman on this team any more since all they do is damage it. And right now i feel the worst for Randy Wells he looked fantastic today and yeat again he is robbed.
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