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Posted on: August 29, 2009 1:30 pm

Bradley's just dumb

All i have to say is that Milton Bradley is an idiot and he has just sealed the deal that he will be gone by next season. So Jim Hendry probably had his worst offseason of his career if you look at it.

DeRosa to Cleveland--Fail  He is putting up equivelent numbers that he did last year and is a key member of a contending team.
Signed Kevin Gregg--- Fail  He has been kicked out of his closer role and finally replaced by Carlos Marmol, he is just a mop up guy now.
Signed Milton Bradley-- Fail  He is "hated by everybody" and his hitting .260 with 11 HR and is getting paid 10 mil a year.
Signed Aaron Miles-- Fail  He is hitting under .200 and dosnt really contribute anything.
Let Kerry Wood go-- Pass  I miss Wood but he is not playing that great for Cleveland.

So he basicly went 1-5 last off season, he is going to have to improve his decision making if he wants to keep his job.
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Posted on: August 22, 2009 8:00 pm

Getting pretty old

I dont know what else to say about the Cubs anymore. They are just playing like a bunch of bums and im getting tired of it. If i was Lou i would retire after this season because it's wearing me out. For a week or two we might be good, but then we get punished for getting excited and they fall back into a slump. We hit balls hard but right at people, we strike out, make errors. This team is about as good as the 2006 team. We cant keep blaming it on injuries. Ramirez is back, Soriano is healthy but what has Soriano been doing...nothing. I am about to give up on this season and get ready for football season. I never thought i would want baseball season to be over in August. But i do, maybe my football teams ( Cowboys, and Bears) can do better. That's all i have to say. Except after this season i want the whole team retooled. I want Zambrano, Dempster, Gregg, Soriano, and Bradley gone. And I want Jim Hendry gone. He may have made us a playoff contender but he f***ed up this team this year.
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Posted on: August 13, 2009 10:50 am

Just Can't Catch A Break

This season is starting to slip away from the Cubs, and really it's because they can't get lucky. The injuries continue to pile up which has forced Jeff Samardzjia into the rotation, which by the way he is pitching shouldnt even be in the majors. I dont understand how so many teams can have so many injuries. I either have to blame it on the World Baseball Classic, to long of Spring Training or poor conditioning. Either way something needs to be changed for next season. The Cubs will not have a winning record let alone make the playoffs with the state there in. The offense is actualy playing decent, Milton Bradley is hitting along whith Fukudome, Theriot, and Lee but the pitching has taken so many injuries it;s hard for them to be effective. Looking at the opening day starting rotation only one of the players on it has not landed on the DL and that;s Sean Marshall but he's not even in the rotation anymore. The thing is that the Rotation is good when their healthy but just cant stay healthy. So some big changes need to be made. We need to dump salary in the offseason and trade for cheaper players. And if you look at the guys who get payed a lot we could get much cheaper players for the same amount of production. Soriano is hitting .245 avg.  19 HR  50 RBI roughly. We could aquire Mark Teahen next season and he could play LF, 3B, 2B, 1B, RF and he would put up .290 avg.  15 HR  70 RBI and probably play better defense, and he would cost a mere fraction of Soriano's contract. But the problem is how are we going to get a team to take his contract, and who would want him anyway. And this deal goes back to Jim Hendry mkaing mistakes. We had the option of getting Carlos Lee or Soriano and we chose Soriano. And who has played consistently better every year, Lee. Zambrano has pitched okay this year but has been injured so much that it hasnt mattered. He has shown that he is injury prone the past few years and he is still only 28 so this makes me worry long term. We need to find players who arnt health risks. That's the reason for the Cubs injuries this year. To many injury prone players combined with a lot of injuries of players who dont typicaly get injured that much. Ramirez is an example of that. So i guess my point is that this season has showed us that this team is not working. It's falling apart, and i dont mean to beat the horse to death but getting rid of DeRosa was a bad move. And if you really look at it what Jim Hendry has done these past few seasons has lead up to this year. He needs to be replaced by someone who knows what their doing and significant changes need to be made to the team. They already killed the team chemistry so whats the difference.
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