Posted on: February 1, 2011 1:04 pm

Sports Talk With Chris and Kevin 2-1-11

I havent reallly written that much on cbssports in a while and that is mostly due to another blog that i have been working on with a buddy of mine. We have done a couple of podcasts as well and are really begining to ramp things up. So i thought i would send you a link were you can read my on going MLB Preseason Power Rankings post where i am up to the #20 team. Also our latest Podcast we discussed the Super Bowl, recapped the NFL Playoffs, discussed the Rays moves and why they are a succesfull franchise, the ups and downs of the Spurs, Heat and Bulls and how Tiger Woods has fallen to the #3 golfer in the world. If any of these topics interest you or you are just a big sports fan you should check out our site. And if you have an opinion about something we discuss please share it with us and we would love to talk about it on our podcasts.

Here is the link to our site, enjoy!!


Posted on: July 10, 2010 10:09 am

2010-2011 NBA

If you have been a follower of my blog then you know i have not made a post in several months. This is mainly due to the fact that i have been very busy this summer and i just graduated from highschool. But the main reason is that i didnt feel like posting only negative commentary which is what i would have been doing. As far as sports go this has been a rough summer for me. The Cubs are 10 games below .500 and just continue to play bad baseball. But i guess i can only complain so much because the Blackhawks did win the Stanley Cup, so i just need to set aside my problems with the Cubs and move on. I guess i need to get to my point. As you know the NBA free agency period is in full swing and as im sure everyone knows the Superfriends have united to form the ultimate team right. Before i get any further i want to tell any bandwagon Heat fans(Who just became fans because of Lebron and Bosh) to stop reading this because i dont fell like reading your comments negative comments on this post with no facts to back them up. I will make everyone a 100 percent guarantee in saying that this team will not win the championship this year, and maybe not ever. And i will tell you why, championship teams are not built on star power. They are built on a collection of diverse talents that compliment one another. Not a bunch of superstars who do the same thing. Lebron and Wade's games are not that different from one another, the both penitrate to the rim and neither one is a particularly great shooter. Bosh does give the low post game and Mike Miller will be able to shoot. But they will not have any good role players, and they will have to share the ball, taking away a little bit from each of them. So what we will see is a lesser version of all 3 guys with some very cheap old veterans. When you compare that to what i consider to be the gold standard of a modern day championship model (The Lakers) i dont think they matchup, The Lakers have all the elements, they have a veteran point gaurd in Steve Blake (Maybe Derrek Fisher), they have the superstar in Kobe, Inside Game with Gasol, Bynum, and Odom, and they have some bench options. Thats why when i look at teams that are trying to go with that mold of putting diverse talents together i think the Bulls are going to be another model team. They have a superstar in the making in Derrick Rose, they get the post play with Boozer, the rebounding with Joakim Noah, they stretch the court with Kyle Korver (and possibly JJ Reddick) and Loul Deng has a combination of skills. Plus they have Taj Gibson as insurance in case Boozer gets injured. Im not saying the Bulls will beat the heat in the playoffs this year but i think the Bulls will be serious contenders. My main point is i do not think the Heat will match up with the Lakers and as long as that Lakers team is together they will beat the heat every year. Which eventualy the egos of the superfriends will destroy them.
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