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My Official NL West Preview

Well i am continuing my preview series of each divison, the last post was the AL West so i figured i stay out west and do the NL West. I think this could be one of the most intriquing divisions in baseball, because i think every team excluding the Padres has a shot at winning this division. So anyway here is my predictions and anaysis, please post a comment if you have any questions or if you want to tell me your opinion.

1. San Francisco Giants
2. Los Angeles Dodgers
3. Colorado Rockies
4. Arizona Diamondbacks
5. San Diego Padres

1. San Francisco Giants

Departed- Ryan Garko, Bob Howry, Randy Johnson, Justin Miller, Brad Penny, Merkin Valdez, Rany Winn, Noah Lowry
Aquired- Mark DeRosa, Aubrey Huff, Todd Wellemeyer, Santiago Casilla, Byung-Hyun Kim

I realize a lot of people are going to disagree with me on this one, and i realize its a stretch but when you break down the statistics they seem slightly better than the D-Backs, Rockies, or Dodgers. This team makes me think a lot of the 2003 Cubs team that almost beat the Marlins in the NLCS. They have one of the best pitching staffs in the buisness. At the top of the rotation they have 08' and 09' CY Young award winner Tim Lincecum. He is arguably the best pitcher in baseball, he just hasnt got a ton of run support. Behind him is another dominant pitcher in Matt Cain, while he dosnt strike as many people out he is great for ERA. Jonathan Sanchez is the interesting option, i really think he can become an ace. He has the stuff to do it, hopefully he can put it all together this season. Barry Zito is the veteran presence in the rotation, he may not be the same guy he was 4-5 years ago but he is a solid innings eater at the least. The guy im the most excited to see in this rotation is Madison Bumgarner. This looks like another star pitcher to come out of this farm system, i think he could be in the rookie of the year running based on his talent. The bullpen is solid with Brian Wilson saving games and Jeremy Affeldt setting him up. Although after those two they are not particularly deep, middle relief is average at best. The lineup is considered the Giants weakness, and they will struggle but i think they have improved from last season. The infield is pretty good with Kung Fu Panda (Pablo Sandoval) at 3rd, he is basically a Vladimir Guerrero clone when it comes to his ability to hit unhittable balls. Aubrey Huff will man 1st and will be looking for a bounce back season. He hit decently with the Orioles but struggled after he was traded to Detroit. Hopefully Freddy Sanchez will have a healthy season and provide solid production at 2nd. Edgar Renteria will hope to improve on a dissapointing season at short although some of it was due to him declining. Bengie Molina will return at catcher but he is just holding the fort until Buster Posey is ready. The outfield is improved with the addition of the ever versatile Mark DeRosa. He can lay the corner outfield, infield and 2nd. Aaron Rowand will continue to play Center, and Nate Schierholtz will start in RF. The Giants also have solid depth with Juan Uribe, and Eugenio Velez as infield options and Fred Lewis and Andres Torres as outfield options. This may not be the best hitting team but they have depth and great pitching. I realy like this team and i think they can win this division.

 2. Los Angeles Dodgers

Departed- Jon Garland, Orlando Hudson, Juan Castro, Mark Loretta, Will Ohman, Juan Pierre, Jim Thome, Randy Wolf
Aquired- Jamey Carroll, Reed Johnson, Alfredo Amezaga, Nick Green

This is still a good team, but i do not like there pitching depth. Billingsley and Kershaw are going to have the pressure to carry this team on their backs. I think Billngsley may be able to do that, but i dont think Kershaw can. He is to young and doesnt have the expierence to carry a team. Behind those two there is Kuroda, Padilla, McDonald, and Jeff Weaver, none of those options with the exception of Kuroda are anything more than innings eaters. The bullpen is very good though, Broxton is a bulldog and can handle a lot of innings for a reliever. Sherrill is a good setup guy and i like Tronosco, and Kuo as middle relief. The offense has some good young talent that is going to be relied upon to make the playoffs. The infield is solid with the veteran Casey Blake at 3rd, and James Loney at 1st. I am not a James Loney fan mainly because he doesnt have the power to play 1st and his defense isnt outstanding so i dont see his purpose. Ronnie Belliard will play 2nd, and Rafael Furcal will look to bounce back from a dissapointing season at short. Russell Martin is also looking for a rebound season after having the worst season of his career. The dodgers have lost some confidence in him, enough for him to be mentioned in trade talks for Adrain Gonzalez, which also questions James Loney's jon security. The Dodgers do have one of the best outfields in the majors. They saw breakout seasons from Andre Ethier in RF and Matt Kemp in CF. Ethier provieded some good power, while Kemp gave a good power, speed combo. And of course there is the infamous Manny Ramirez in LF, he missed significant time for a suspenision due to a drug test infraction. Everyone knows Manny did roids, but he does have talent and should still put up better numbers than last season. They have some good depth with Blake DeWitt and Jamey Carroll as backup infield options and Reed Johnson in the outfield. Im a big Reed Johnson fan, he plays all out and hits for contact and decent power. The depth is not quite as good as the Giants though and i think the lack of pitching depth is what really will hurt them this year.

3. Colorado Rockies

Departed- Garrett Atkins, Jose Contreras, Matt Herges, Jason Marquis, Ryan Spierer, Yorvit Torellaba
Aquired- Melvin Mora, Miguel Olivo, Tim Redding

I really wanted to put these guys in first and they very well could be but im not sold on them. The pitching has a lot of potential and they have an ace in the making with Ubaldo Jimenez. Aaron Cook is a solid middle of the rotation guy, but im not sold on Jason Hammel and especially Jorge De La Rosa and the sabermetric systems dont favor these guys either. I am excited to see Jeff Francis return but he has been out of the game for a year and will take time to get back. I have also heard about Jhoulys Chacin as another guy who could make an impact at some point this season. He is one of their top prospects and supposidly has good stuff but i havent seen him before so i cant really comment about him. I like their bullpen, hopefully Huston Street will continue to succeed as the closer and Rafael Betancourt will continue to be a good setup man. Its amazing what happend to Manny Corpas from being their top closing prospect to being a disaster (Is Carlos Marmol a potential Manny Corpas) but i think he might be able to put it together this season. The staple of every Rockies team has been offense and that hasnt changed with this one. Todd Helton continues to play at 1st and although he doesnt have the power he once had he still can hit for a great average and rbi guy. Ian Stewart will have a full time gig at 3rd this season, and while he has power his .228 average doesnt inspire success. Clint Barmes is another situation like Stewart where he hits for power but not average. Troy Tulowitzki is probably the Rockies best player which is rare for a short stop, but he is a very special player (I drafted him for Fantasy Baseball). He hits for great power, good average and has decent speed. He is an all around threat who also plays solid defense. Chris Iannetta is another power guy who struggles with his average, but i am looking for a breakout year for him. The Rockies outfield is very young with the exception of Brad Hawpe. Carlos Gonzalez will likely start in LF, He is another guy who can hit for power and speed with a solid average and could be a very good major leaguer. Dexter Fowler will man second, ive heard he has sick speed but needs to hone his decesion making and is not very patiant at the plate. Brad Hawpe is really the power bat in the outfield, and is one of thier main RBI guys. The have good infield depth with Melvin Mora as their utility guy and Jason Giambi will return to his new pinch hitting role. They also have 2 solid back up outfielders in Seth Smith and Ryan Spiboroghs.My favorite thing about this team is that its almost entirley homegrown, thats something you dont see much of anymore. This is a team that if it gets to the post-season could make a deep run but they will have to fight for it. As I said before they could easily win this division but im just not sold on them yet.

4. Arizona D-Backs

Departed- Eric Byrnes, Doug Davis, Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth, Chad Tracy
Aquired- Bob Howry, Kelly Johnson, Ian Kennedy, Adam LaRoche,

This is another team that could also win the division, but no matter what happens they will much improved from last season. The rotation will be a lot better than last season. Dan Haren is still at the top providing a quality start after quality start and striking out plenty of guys along the way. The biggest addition to this team is a healthy Brandon Webb, if he can play anywhere near the way he did before his injury should be a huge boost. Edwin Jackson will replace Max Scherezer, while he may not provide the strikouts he should be a bit more consistent and may work deeper into games. Ian Kennedy will try to get his career as a starter going after failing in New York and Billy Buckner will probably be the fifth guy. Really this is a 3 deep rotation, but you can get to the postseason with that. The pen is average to below average. Chad Qualls is OKAY as a closer, and Bob Howry is decent as setup. Aaron Heilman is an average middle reliever, his probelm is that he tries to be to perfect with his pitches which makes him walk a lot of guys and put on a lot of runners. Also he always seems to let his inherited runners score. I love Clay Zavada though, the mustache is awesome and he pitched great last season. All in all though it may be the worst bullpen in the division. I really like the infield, Adam LaRoche while he may be streaky on a monthly basis, is very consitent year to year and will proved better production at first than the D-Backs have had for a while. Mark Reynolds has some serious power and good speed, he is a great middle of the order hitter. The middle infield has a lot of potential, but they need bounce back years from both Stephen Drew (SS) and Kelly Johnson (2B). Johnson came over from the Braves during the offseason after hitting himself out of the Braves lineup. He had been fairly consistent up until last season so you have to think he will bounce back. Miguel Montero finally broke out after seeming like a bust, he put up excellent numbers and should continue to improve. The outfield is highlighted by Justin Upton in RF, who in my eyes is a hitter of Albert Pujols caliber, he may not be as developed as Pujols was at his age but i think when he peaks his numbers will be similar. Chris Young is in CF and looking to improve upon a disasterous 09' campaign in which he hit .212-15-42-54-11 in 433 AB. He has the ability to be a 30-30 threat but his high strikeout rate hinders him. Conor Jackson will start in LF, he is a consistent bat but not a great one.They have mediocre depth with Chris Snyder at catcher although he is a likely trade canidate. Augie Ojeda and Ryan Roberts are decent infield options with Gerrardo Parra and Alex Romero outfield options. This knock on this team has always been their youth and inexpierence, but now they have grown up some and they have taken thier licks so they may finally breakout and make a run for it this season.

5. San Diego Padres

Departed- Henry Blanco, Brian Giles, Edgar Gonzalez, Kevin Kouzmanoff, Drew Macias
Aquired- Aaron Cunningham, Jon Garland, Jerry Hairston Jr, Yorvit Torrellaba, Scott Hairston

This pick is pretty obvious, they are pretty far behind the rest of division in total talent. They have some nice pieces and if they trade A-Gon they should be in a postion to have a solid core of young players and should have the financial flexability to make some moves. The rotation actually isnt that bad with Chris Young as the leader. Which isnt very reliable due to his injury history but he does have talent. Jon Garland will eat some innings and his record may take a beating but he should have a solid ERA. Kevin Correia looked excellent at the end of last season and put up solid numbers overall. Clayton Richard (came over from CHW is Peavy trade) looks like a solid back of the rotation option with upside, and Matt Latos will get a shot for a full season. He has a ton of potential and its been mentioned that he may be hard to keep around once he gets going. The bullpen is one of the best in the game with Heath Bell at closer (another trade canidate), and Mike Adams as a setup man and future closer. Luke Gregerson, Joe Thatcher, and Greg Burke are all viable setupmen. The infield is solid anchored by one of the best players in the game in Adrain Gonzalez at first. Who knows how much longer he'll play for them but he has sick power and at any other ballpark could hit .300 and he also a gold gover first baseman. Chase Headley moves to 3rd and is an average one. David Eckstein mans 2nd and is still one of those players who does the most with the least talent. Everth Cabrera will play short and is another one of these new generation of shortstops (more oldschool, light hitting with good speed). The outfield is highlighted by Scott Hairston in RF who is one of the better power hitters at PETCO Park. At the other side is Kyle Blanks who looks to be another great player but should be at first but is blocked by A-Gon. He should be a solid middle of the order hitter. Will Venable will start in CF and will provide average production from the postition. Tony Gwynn is a solid backup option but there isnt a lot of help behind him. Jerry Hariston is a good utility infielder but may struggle at PETCO, and Matt Antonelli and and Luis Rodriguez are other infield options. The Padres are the only divison that doesnt really have a shot to win the division.      

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MLB- Past Decade In Review

Now that another decade has come and gone i figured it was time to take a look at how each baseball franchise has faired over this past decade. This morning i went on to baseball-reference.com and poured over statistics for several hours and compiled a list ranking every franchise in order of their success this decade. The top 4-5 are pretty obvious, but the lower rankings were tougher and are partially my opinion.

1. New York Yankees - No real suprise here, they started and ended the decade with World Series titles. Appearing in the playoffs every year except 2008, they have been the dominant franchise over the past 10 years.

2. Boston Red Sox - These 2 teams from the AL East have really dominated baseball this decade, the Red Sox finally broke their curse and went on to win 2 World Series titles. They have created a steady foundation to be competitive for the next decade also.

3. St. Louis Cardinals - They have been the dominant franchise of the NL, making 7 post-season apperances and win a World Series title. The Cardinals dominance has been highlighted mainly by the emergence of one of the greatest baseball players of a generation in Albert Pujols.

4. Los Angeles Angels - It has become a common occurence to see the Angels in the post-season. They won the first World Series title in 2002, and have accended to the top as one of the dominant franchises in the league.

5. Atlanta Braves - Although the Braves are considered the team of the 90's they have still been very succesfull in the 00's. They made 6 post season appearences and have recently begun to get back to their formula of dominant pitching. Look for them to see even more success in the coming decade.

6. Chicago White Sox - The White Sox also broke their curse in this decade, winning their first World Series title since 1917 in 2005. They made 3 post-season appearences and have thrived under the leadership of manager Ozzie Guillen.

7. Philadelphia Phillies- They slowly built themselves up over the corse of the decade to the point that now they have back to back World Series appereances one of which they won. They have created a model of success that many teams are going to try and repeat.

8. Oakland Athletics- They started off the decade with 4 straigth post-season apperances and made another in 2006. They have struggled lately, but they have one of the best GM's in baseball in Billy Beane.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers- They have had a winning record every year except the 2005 season, and have made the post-season 4 times. Most recently, under the guidance of Joe Torre they have made it to the NLCS in back to back years with a youthfull roster that should dominate for years to come.

10. Minnesota Twins- They have only had 2 losing seasons over the course of the decade and have appeared in the playoffs 5 times. They have been in constant competition with the White Sox through out the decade.

11. Arizona Diamondbacks- Only 3 years old when the decade began the Diamondback franchise has seen it ups and downs throughout its short life. They started off the decade very well, winning the World Series in 2001 with the dominant dou of Randy Johnson and Curt Schilling. They have eratic the second half of the decade though.

12. Houston Astros- Since the NL Central was first formed the Astros and Cardinals have been the main competitors for the division (Although the Cubs have taken their place as of late). They were great the first half of the decade, culminating in an NL Pennant in 2005, but have faded in the second half.

13. San Francisco Giants- The Giants were another team that started the decade strong earning the NL Pennant in 2002. But struggled mightly in the second half, failing to win more than 76 games from 2004-2008. But with the arrival of stars such as Tim Lincecum, Matt Cain, and Pablo Sandoval they showed promise in 2009.

14. Florida Marlins - They havnt been flashy, only making the post-season once, but they made it count winning the franchises 2nd World Series title in 2003. They have managed to stay competitve through out the decade with a small fanbase and budget.

15. Chicago Cubs- Another decade has gone, and the curse still remains. THe first half of the decade they were erratic, although in 2003 they came within a game of winning the NL Pennant. Most of their success came in the last 3 years of the decade, with 2 post season apperances and 3 straight winning season the Cubs may break the curse in the next decade.

16. Seattle Mariners- The first four years were great, with 2 post season appearances and a 116 win season in 2001. But they also had 3 season with fewer than 70 wins. They have looked better near the end of the decade although Ichiro is starting to slow down ( Only in speed, he still collects 200 hits a season).

17. New York Mets- They started the decade off with the Subway series (Although they lost to the Yankees). But since then they have only made 1 post-season apperances. The latter half of the decade has been defined by end of the season collapse, and the team self destructed in 2009. The future is uncertain for the Mets.

18. Cleveland Indians- The late 90's were good for the Indians, but the 00's were not as good. They only made 2 post-season apperances, although they did have four seasons of 90 or more wins. 07 showed promise winning 96 games and making it to the NLCS but their record worsened in 08, and 09.

19. Colorado Rockies- The young franchise struggled for most of the decade. Until in 2007 they won the NL Pennant, losing to the Red Sox in the World Series. They had a down year in 08', but made the playoffs again in 09'. The next decade holds a lot of promise for the Rockies.

20. San Diego Padres- They have struggled for most of the decade, with only 4 winning seasons from 2004-2007 during that span they managed to make the post-season twice and never made it past the NLDS.

21. Detroit Tigers- The first half of the decade the Tigers were awfull, in 2003 they posted their worst record going 43-119. But in 2006 they came out of no where to win the AL Pennant, and have posted winning records 3 out of the last 4 years, although only 1 post-season appearance.

22. Toronto Blue Jays- The Blue Jays could go higher on this list if it werent for the fact that they did not make the post-season at all this past decade. They havnt been bad, but they have played in a very tough division with the Yankees and Red Sox the top 2 teams of the decade. They have posted a winning record 5 times in the decade.

23. Texas Rangers- The Rangers have been a mediocre team most of the decade, never losing more than 91 games in a season in the decade. They have only had 2 winning seasons and did not make the post-season at all this decade.

24. Millwaukee Brewers- The Brewers have been succesfull recently, but the earlier part of the decade they were awfull, posting their worst season in 2002 going 56-106. But in 2008 they made the playoffs for the first time since 1982 and the Franchise looks poised to be a contender in the next decade.

25. Tampa Bay Rays- I guess the name change from Devil Rays to Rays turned the franchise around (LOL). Up until 2008 they had never won more than 70 games in a season. They sure turned around fast going from having 10 straight losing seasons (from 98-07) to winning the AL Pennant. They were not as good in 09 but still had a winning record.

26. Cincinnati Reds- They started the decade off with a winning season, but have failed to have one since. While they have not been awfull they havent done much right either. There are some signs of hope for the next decade though.

27. Washington Nationals- Im including the Expos in this analysis. They have had 3 winning seasons, but they did not make the post-season at all in this decade. They had 2 consecutive 100 loss seasons to end the decade and they are still a while away for contention in the next decade.

28. Kansas City Royals- Although they have the worst record of the decade i still rate them higher than the other 2 because they haeg had a winning record as recently as 2003. The other 2 franchises are on record long losing streaks.

29. Baltimore Orioles- Their last winning record was in 97' and they have failed to win win more than 78 games in the decade. Their are signs of life and they have the potential to break out of thier drout in the next decade.

30. Pittsburgh Pirates- It is well known that the Pirates are on a streak of 17 consecutive losing seasons. This past decade they were especially bad winning more than 72 games only once (75 in 2003). They are in a complete rebuilding process and it may take a while to break that streak.
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D-Backs Wrap up

Hello readers, sorry its been a while since my last post it has been very busy with MLB playoffs, NFL season, NBA opening night tonight, NHL season, plus the college im going to next year is having their pre-season scrimmage tommorow so there is a lot going on. But i finally got around to finishing the D-Backs today. Lets talk about their outfield.

Outfield  C

LF- Conor Jackson
CF- Chris Young
RF- Justin Upton
OF- Eric Byrnes

Justin Upton may be the best player on this team, and i think he is better than his brother B.J. He put up great numbers last season putting up a .300/.366/.532 stat line. For a 22 year old outfielder those are phenominal statistics. He also has good speed, swiping 20 bags in 25 chances, and he had a positive UZR rating according to fangraphs.com. Upton is just an all around good player, the only thing he could improve upon are his strikeout and walk numbers (55 BB, 137 K). Chris Young had a rough year in 2009, he struggled to hit over .200 and struk out 30 percent of the time. He put up a disappointing  .212/.311/.400 stat line and he only stole 11 bases. He also had a negative UZR rating according to fangraphs.com. Young has never been a contact hitter but he really struggled this year, his value has gone down each year and if he continues to get worse the D-Backs may need to find a different answer in center field. Conor Jackson was out most of the season, and even when healthy he is an average hitter and an average fielder. He makes solid contact but puts up low power numbers for the positions he plays. I think he is more of a reserve type player, not a starter.Eric Byrnes has really fallen from his once elite status although he did improve some from last year. He has become exclusivly a reserve outfielder, but should Jackson be injured he could be a decent fill in option. They have a couple of young options for backups, but none with immediate impact. All in all an average to below average group.

Overview C+

I like the pitching staff, the bullpen is pretty good. But their offense needs some work, they have players to build around but are still several good players away from contending. I like Justin Upton, he seems like he could be one of the best players in the league eventualy and Mark Reynolds is a good power hitting 3rd baseman but outside of those two they are mediocre. They are not in horrible shape though and have the possibility to contend.
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MLB Team Analysis- Arizona D-Backs part 3

Infield   C+

C- Miguel Montero
1B- Brandon Allen
2B- Ryan Roberts
3B- Mark Reynolds
SS- Stephen Drew
IF- Augie Ojeda
IF- Chris Snyder

Miguel Montero    finally broke out this season and became one of the NL's top backstops. He posted excellent numbers for a catcher with a .294/.355/.478 stat line in 425 AB. If he continues on his pace he could be a top 5 catcher, but the D-Backs history with young talent dosnt encourage that thought. Brandon Allen showed good pop in the minors last season but struggled in the majors. In his limited playing time he posted a .202/.284/.385 stat line. His fielding was also substandard, i realize that were looking at a small sample size but i still consider Allen a below average first baseman. Ryan Roberts had a pretty decent rookie season posting a .279/.367/.416 stat line in 305 AB, offensivly he may be average to above average for 2nd baseman. Defensivly he is also average to above average, the only thing for him that stinks is that he is a 29 year old. He is a short term option at 2nd. Mark Reynolds is the D-Backs blue-chip bopper, the dude can slug. He posted a .257/.349/.543 stat line which is impressive for the amount of strikeouts he gets (223 this season). He also has some speed, stealing 24 bags this season, and is a below average fielder. He is a .250 average 40 HR 100 RBI 20 SB guy, a solid middle of the lineup guy. Stephen Drew has been talked about as a possible trade canidate and he does have some value. He posted a .261/.320/.428 stat line, and in 2008 he did hit 21 HR. He is an average to below average fielder. He is a solid option at SS but the D-Backs might be able to get a good trade for him. The backup infield dosnt appear to be that great, Augie Ojeda is a decent back up infielder and Chris Snyder is a decent backup catcher but there isnt a lot of depth here. If they can find a solution at first (Conor Jackson could play it if healthy) they will be a pretty decent infield. There is room for improvment though. Tommorow we will wrap up the D-Backs with their outfield and their overview. So look for that tommorow evening.

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MLB Team Analysis- Arizona D-Backs part 2

Hey everyone and welcome to part 2 of the D-Backs team analysis. Today we are going to take a look at their Bullpen. When i think of the D-Backs bullpen the first name that comes to mind is Clay Zavada. Not neccesarily because of his talent but because of his mustache, although he is a pretty good pitcher. The D-Backs have several quality relievers so lets take a look at them.

Bullpen  B-

CL- Chad Qualls
MR- Juan Gutierrez
MR- Esmerling Vazquez
MR- Clay Zavada
MR- Leo Rosales
MR- Blaine Boyer
MR- Daniel Schlereth

Chad Qualls has been an excellent reliever, and over the course of his career has never had an ERA higher than 3.76 and has never had a BB/9 ratio over 2.84. He has the potential to be an excellent closer an hopefully with a better team behind him he can put up great numbers. He did save 24 games in 29 chances last season so we know he can get saves. I really think that he can be a solid closer but we'll have to wait and see. Juan Gutierrez put up solid numbers in his first full season, mantaining a 4.06 ERA and had a 8.37 K/9 ratio. Hopefully he will continue to develop into a solid set-up man, another interesting stat about Gutierrez is that he managed to accumulate 9 saves in 10 oppurtunities.Esmerling Vazquez is another 26 year old reliever who showed some promise last season. He had a high ERA last season (4.42) and that was probably due to his high walk numbers (4.92 BB/9). Throughout his minor league career he has struggled with walks so it wont suprise me if that trend continues throughout his career. He decent strikeout potential but is very average. Clay Zavada is the dude with the coolest mustache, you have to look him up on google images he is ridiculous. But Zavada is actualy a good pitcher, he is only 25 years old and posted a 3.35 ERA over 51 innings. He also has strong strikeout potential posting a 9.18 K/9 ratio but he does struggle with walks posting a 4.24 BB/9 ratio. All of his numbers are pretty good and he could turn into an excellent set up man for this D-Backs bullpen. Leo Rosales is an average middle reliever who is more suited for a mop up role. He posted a 4.76 ERA over 45 innings although outside of that his numbers are not that bad. He had a .238 opponent batting average and his walk numbers (2.38 BB/9) arnt that bad. As i said before an average middle reliever. Blaine Boyer bounced around a lot last year but he finally settled down in Arizona and performed well. In Arizona he posted a 2.68 ERA and struck out 18 over 37 innings. His career numbers do not suggest that he will perform that well but he could be a solid middle reliever. For a reliever his batting average against is not that great (career .267) and he has a career ERA of 4.76, including a 5.88 ERA last season over 72 innings. He is another mop up guy. Daniel Schlereth is only 23 years old so dont judge him on this years stats (5.89 ERA) and it was only over 18 innings. He's put up good numbers in the minors so far but he hasnt been there long so its hard to say how good he'll be and his major league stats are to small of a smaple size for me to judge him. At best he is a solid middle reliever at worst he gets sent down to the minors. Overall this is a pretty solid bullpen, they are pretty young but that will probably help in the long run. I wouldnt change anything with this group, lets just see how they do this season and move from there. But all in all they have the potential to be very good.
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MLB Team Analysis- Arizona D-Backs part1

Hey everybody sorry i didnt post anything sunday, starting at about 12pm on sunday's i sit down on the couch to watch football and dont get up until after the sunday night game (i do get up for food and to stretch my legs.) So obviously i didnt get a chance to post anything. I did think about a few changes i wanted to make. From now on i am not going to analyize the whole team in one post, but break it up into parts for example todays post will be about the Diamondbacks rotation.

Arizona Diamondbacks          2009 record  70-92 (5th NL West)

Rotation   C+

1. Dan Haren  $8.25 mill
2. Brandon Webb  $8.5 mill
3. Max Scherzer  $1.45 mill +
4. Billy Buckner  $403,000
5. Yusemeiro Petit  $412,000

Dan Haren is one of the elite pitchers in major league baseball, that is a fact. He has pitched over 210 innings in 5 straight seasons, won at least 14 games for 5 straight seasons, and had at least 163 strikeouts for 5 straight seasons. Since becoming a D-Back he has gone 30-18 with and ERA around 3.23 and 429 strikeouts in 2 season. He is a true ace and can compete against any pitcher in the league.
Brandon Webb was injured for pretty much the entire 2009 season. The D-Backs need him to return as good as he was before he was injured. Before his injury he had been on a pretty good run. Over the previous 4 season he went 70-37 with a mid 3's ERA and was averaging just over 180 strikeouts a season. Webb is really the key to this rotation, if he can return to form they will be better than i am rating them. If he is really bad they will be worse than what i am rating them. The D-Backs playoff hopes for next season could rest on Webb's season.
Max Scherzer
is the future of this diamondbacks pitching staff. He put up solid numbers for his first year as a full time starter. He has excellent strikeout potential with a 9.19 K/9 ratio last season. His walks numbers are not that bad either with a 3.33 BB/9 ratio last season. Hopefull he will continue to get better in which case he has top of the rotation potential. But unfortunatly the rotation drops off after Scherzer.
Billy Buckner was a very hitable pticher last season allowing a .301 opponent batting average. Now last season was not a large enough sample size to judge his career just on that alone, but you have to wonder. Buckner had a 6.40 ERA over 77 innings and gave up 12 HR. His strikeout and walk numbers werent bad though. He posted a 7.45 K/9 ratio and a 3.38 BB/9 ratio. So Buckner is not completley usless, if he dosnt get hit as bad he could be a viable starter but for now he isnt.
Yusmeiro Petit wasnt nearly as bad as Buckner but a 5.82 ERA isnt something to brag about. He allowed a .287 opponent batting average which isnt awful but he alloed 19 HR in 89 innings, that is bad. Petit, similarly to Buckner has decent strikeout and walk numbers (7.43 K/9 and 3.42 BB/9) so he has potential to. Both of these guys have potential but they are a ways away. Despite my rating of this rotation if Brandon Webb is back to full strength this season or even anywhere near it and one of their back of the rotation starters is moderatly good, i really think they could be very good. This is my pesimistic view of their rotation.
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