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Posted on: July 26, 2009 10:55 pm

Back to First

Well after the sweep of the Reds the Cubs are now alone in first place in the NL Central for the first time since mid April. They have really begun to heat it up, although they have won their games against struggling team they still deserve credit for outstanding pitching and good offense. The real test will come this week as we enter a 4 game series against the red hot Astros. Tommorow nights pitching matchup looks to be a good one as Wandy Rodriquez wil face Carlos Zambrano. Then on tuesday Dempster will come of the DL and pitch followed by Randy Wells and Kevin Hart. So this looks to be an interesting week, and a very important one. Not only will this be interesting but the trade deadline is aproaching fast and will be interesting to see what happens at the last minute. In my opinion though i dont see a huge trade like last years Jason Bay trade or the CC Sabathia trade, but there should be some mid level trades that will have significant impact on the rest of the season. I would like to see the Cubs do something but it's not looking like it at this time. I have heard their name in a number of trade talks but nothing to serious. Players that i would want would be Mark Teahen ( I've said this about a hundred times), Freddy Sanchez, John Grabow, or George Sherrill. I know people have been saying we need another starter now that Lilly is on the DL but we have a deep enough staff to handle injuries and if we got another starter they wouldnt be used in the playoffs so whats the point. Anyways the Cubs dont have much money and the ownership change still hasnt gone through which is what handycapped us in the off-season as well. Hopefully it gets resolved before the winter meetings.
Posted on: July 19, 2009 12:52 pm

Post All Star Break Surge

Well things are starting to improve and i can only hope this leads to a better second half. I know that they are only playing the Nationals which is basicly a bad minor league team but all the same, with the way the Cubs have struggled on the road this is a good sign winning 3 straight coming off the all star break. Lets recap the past three games.

Game 1

The highlight of that game for me was the Harden looked like his old self pitching 7 effective innings and striking out 7 to improve to 6-6 on the year. Derek Lee also homered in that game to add to his total of 18 HR.

Game 2

The highlights of this game were clutch hits and Z getting out of trouble, he only lasted 5 innings and didnt realy have any stuff but managed to hold them to 1 run. He also had a two run double and A-ram hit a solo shot his first homer since coming off the DL.

Game 3

The highlight of this game was Soriano's HR, hopefully this will break him out of his month long slump. Randy didnt pitch that great but the offense bailed him out to get the win, and Kevin Gregg pitched effectivly again.

The Cubs are now tied for second with the Brewers and only 2 games out of first. There has been significant improvment in several areas that are contributing to there little surge. Clutch hitting has been the major factor, this seasons biggest struggle has been runners in scoring position. They have not been able to get those timley hits that came frequntly last season. The past few games it has improved. The Bullpen has also been more effective, Kevin Gregg struggled early on this year but has finally settled down and become an above average closer. Heilman is still crappy but Marmol is showing signs of better control and Angel Guzman has been pretty good. With these factors being added to the great starting pitching it should be a better first half.
Posted on: June 10, 2009 11:17 am

Cubs dominating Astros

So far this season the Cubs are 6-2 against the Astros while only being 2 games over .500 against the entire division. They really have the stros number right now. Last night Ted Lilly got his 6th straight win against the Astros shutting them down in 6 2/3 innings. It was also nice to see the offense come out last night. Everbody was hitting except for Theriot, and Bradley. Fontenot went 4-5 with a homer, Derek lee went 2-3 with 3 walks, Soto went 3-4. Even Andres Blanco had a double and i think he had a single to. They were on a role last night and they improved to 29-26 and are only 2 1/2 games out of first and tied for second with the Cards and Reds. Hopefully they can continue to gain ground on the Brewers. Zambrano and Dempster will finish up this series. Zambrano ptiches tonight against Wandy Rodriquez who had been hot until everyone figured out how to hit against him. Hopefully Zambrano will pitch like he did in his last start and the offense can continue it's recent success.
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