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Posted on: July 19, 2009 12:52 pm

Post All Star Break Surge

Well things are starting to improve and i can only hope this leads to a better second half. I know that they are only playing the Nationals which is basicly a bad minor league team but all the same, with the way the Cubs have struggled on the road this is a good sign winning 3 straight coming off the all star break. Lets recap the past three games.

Game 1

The highlight of that game for me was the Harden looked like his old self pitching 7 effective innings and striking out 7 to improve to 6-6 on the year. Derek Lee also homered in that game to add to his total of 18 HR.

Game 2

The highlights of this game were clutch hits and Z getting out of trouble, he only lasted 5 innings and didnt realy have any stuff but managed to hold them to 1 run. He also had a two run double and A-ram hit a solo shot his first homer since coming off the DL.

Game 3

The highlight of this game was Soriano's HR, hopefully this will break him out of his month long slump. Randy didnt pitch that great but the offense bailed him out to get the win, and Kevin Gregg pitched effectivly again.

The Cubs are now tied for second with the Brewers and only 2 games out of first. There has been significant improvment in several areas that are contributing to there little surge. Clutch hitting has been the major factor, this seasons biggest struggle has been runners in scoring position. They have not been able to get those timley hits that came frequntly last season. The past few games it has improved. The Bullpen has also been more effective, Kevin Gregg struggled early on this year but has finally settled down and become an above average closer. Heilman is still crappy but Marmol is showing signs of better control and Angel Guzman has been pretty good. With these factors being added to the great starting pitching it should be a better first half.
Posted on: June 8, 2009 9:40 pm

Cubs take series with Reds

I was very happy at the end of the 14th inning of the rubber game of the Cubs v.s Reds series. Soriano came through in a clutch situation and the bullpen was great in extras, although Marmol and Heilman struggled and Wells was robbed of a win again. I think the key is to not use heilman at all he probably should be designated for assignment. I know i came on here a few days ago and hated on gregg but he does have the mentality of a closer, but he dosnt have amazing stuff. I liked what i saw from Waddel, Ascanio, Patton, and of course Guzman who has been our best reliver as of late. He has filled the middle relief role but we might want to switch his and marmols roles. Marmols has electric stuff but horrible control, he obviously has no clue were the ball is going. Until he can fix his control he should be used in middle relief and Guzman should be setup. The Cubs have the relievers to do the job they just have to use the right ones. Stay away from Heilman.

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